Karavan is an Integration Toolkit for Apache Camel aimed to increase developer performance through the visualization of routes, integration with runtimes and pipelines for package, image build and deploy to kubernetes out-of-the-box.

This is a short Karavan introduction aimed to help to understand if this tool is right for your needs.

New features

In this release we continue to make developers’ lives easy.

Hybrid Developer Experience

Starting from this release, developers can work on the same repository from the Karavan application as well as with Karavan VS Code extension.

To synchronize the repository and Karavan application, polling interval can be configured in Karavan CRD.

If polling is activated, it updates project information in the Karavan application as well as starts a pipeline for deployment in the development environment.


Configurable subset of components

Developer can limit component palette with a subset of components to be used by configuring path to the component list in Settings. Subset should be defined in JSON file in the same format as an output of camel catalog component --json.

In the current release subset of components implemented in VS Code extension only. Karavan application support coming soon.


Nice-to-have small improvements

  1. Developers can add custom Git commit message through Karavan application
  2. Developers can stop running pipelines in Karavan application
  3. Choice DSL element comes with default when and other elements


  1. Log DSL element has default ${body} message

Framework and runtimes upgrades:

  1. Camel 3.20.3
  2. Spring Boot 2.7.10

Feedback is gold

Deploy Karavan as a cloud-native integration toolkit or install VS Code extension from the Marketplace.

If you have any idea or find a new issue, please create a new issue report in GitHub!