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Two years after its first participation to the Outreachy initiative, the Camel community is excited to support Outreachy’s mission once again this year.

Outreachy is a diversity initiative of the Software Freedom Conservancy, that aims at supporting people subject to systemic bias, and impacted by under-representation in the technology industry. It runs a bi-yearly internships program in open source and open science, where interships are paid and remote.

We are thrilled to propose the following projects for the next Outreachy May 2022 period:

  • Improve Camel K API and Examples
  • Improve Camel K operator scalability

These projects aim at improving the Camel K overall user experience, and should be of reasonable complexity. So interns should both feel confortable contributing, while rewarded by making an impact for users. More details are available at

Apache Camel is a project with a great community, we are here to help, mentor and learn together. The Camel K project has become quite large and successful, with many interesting opportunities to learn about Golang, system integration, operators and Kubernetes.

As part of the application process, all applicants must make at least one contribution to the Camel K project, to be accepted as an intern for these projects. Only applicants who make a contribution will be eligible to be accepted as interns.

To that end, we’ve labelled issues with the good first issue label, that you can pick up and have it assigned to you, but feel free to look at other issues, or propose some simple changes yourself.

We also encourage the applicants to follow the contributors guide, then read the local development and getting started guides.

Happy Outreachy!