We are pleased to announce the release 1.0.0-CR3 of Camel Quarkus. Camel Quarkus brings the outstanding integration capabilities of Apache Camel to Quarkus - the toolkit for writing subatomically small and supersonically fast Java, Kotlin and Scala applications.

Here are some highlights of Camel Quarkus 1.0.0-CR3.

New extensions

The following new extensions were added:

The following extensions added native mode support:

All supported extensions can be seen in the List of Camel Quarkus extensions.

Camel 3.4.0

Camel was upgraded to 3.4.0. For Quarkus this brings some performance improvements, with JAXB dependencies having been removed from the OpenAPI components. There’s also some enhancements to the health check APIs and a new health example was added to demonstrate this.

Quarkus 1.6.0.Final

Quarkus was upgraded to 1.6.0.Final.

Enjoy! Feel free to give feedback via the mailing lists or GitHub issues.