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This year in addition to the Google Summer of Code we’re participating in the Outreachy internship program as well.

For those that might not be aware of the Outreachy, Outreachy is a paid, remote internship program. Outreachy’s goal is to support people from groups underrepresented in tech. They help newcomers to free software and open source make their first contributions.

Apache Camel is looking for contributions to the website you’re reading this blog post on. Even though the Camel website is only a year old, it could do with some improvements.

During last year’s (2019) Google Summer of Code, we migrated the content from the Confluence Wiki into Asciidoc documents, created a build process using Hugo and Antora for the static content (frontpage, blog, release notes, downloads) and the project documentation (user manual, component reference, sub-projects documentation), and created the design of the website we currently have.

With the affordance of hindsight, we now see some improvements that can be made to the website. Some examples include the ever-expanding top navigation menu, low color contrast, small touch targets for menus in mobile version, poor content organization (especially in the user manual) and the improvements to search. With that we identified four main focus areas: more modern design, usability, content organization and improvement, and improving the search.

We’re looking for an intern interested in working on multiple aspects of the website: design (HTML and CSS), static site generation (Hugo, Antora), web development (JavaScript). We also welcome any content improvement such as corrections to the existing documentation or adding new documentation to the project. One example could be migrating the blog content from the Confluence wiki to the new Hugo based blog.

We offer smaller tasks to start with, but feel free to look at other issues or propose some simple changes yourself.

We’d like to see some concept designs or designs of project websites that would inspire the redesign. We firmly believe in having automated checks for issues (broken links, malformed HTML), it would be good to see a check added for usability and website performance.

Apache Camel is a project with a great community, we are here to help, mentor and learn together. The Camel website is a large project with many interesting opportunities to learn about building a mid-size website. We like to focus on the details, usability, and performance. We think this would be a good learning opportunity for someone interested in website development. We also see opportunities to contribute to other projects that we use in building the website (for example to Antora).

As part of the application process, all applicants must make at least one contribution to be accepted as an intern for this project. Only applicants who make a contribution will be eligible to be accepted as interns.

Look at the contributing to Camel page for details on how to get started contributing and how to reach out to the Camel community via various communication channels. And look at the README in the Camel Website repository on how to get started with the website itself.