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A few days ago Google Summer of Code announced that Apache Software Foundation is again elected to participate as a mentor organization.

We are looking for ideas, students and mentors willing to participate in GSoC 2020. Anyone in the Camel community can propose an idea, look at the JIRA issues labeled gsoc2020 or create new issues with ideas and set the gsoc2020 label. Have a look at the Mentor guide to understand the role of the mentor and the obligations you would take on.

Students, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Camel project, look into subprojects and find areas that are interesting for you to participate in. Camel covers a wide range of interesting technologies and challenges, typical areas of contribution are improvements to existing components, adding new components or doing improvements to the core of Camel. There are exciting developments if you’re interested in Kubernetes in the Camel K, fast startup and low memory footprint in Camel Quarkus, or stream processing in Camel Kafka subprojects. Also look for issues labeled with help-wanted for easy issues to get started with to gain some experience contributing to Camel and introduce yourself to the Camel community.

Mentors need to be existing Camel comitters and need to apply by first sending an email to the, as in the following example:

subject: GSoC 2020 mentor request for <mentor name>

Camel PMC,

please acknowledge my request to become a mentor for Google Summer of
Code 2020 projects for Apache Camel.

I would like to receive the mentor invite to <mentor email address>

We’re looking forward to participating in Google Summer of Code in 2020!