Apache camel-quarkus 3.6.0 Release

New and Noteworthy

Supported Java version

This version supports Java 17.

Apache Camel Quarkus

Git tag checkout

Release is tagged with 3.6.0 in the Git, to fetch it use:

git clone https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/camel-quarkus.git
cd camel-quarkus
git checkout 3.6.0

Resolved issues

Here is a list of all the issues that have been resolved for this release

Mail testAttachments fails on Windows
Ftp: certificate used by the test is generated with a very short validity
AWS SDSK >= 2.21.17 causes native build failures
Clean up usage of hard coded hosts in tests that use containers
Intermittent failure of QuartzQuarkusSchedulerAutowiredWithSchedulerBeanTest
Add debug logging to gRPC extension class generation build steps
Quarkus CDI add support for Primary beans
Platform-http test fails in FIPS environment
camel-spring-redis extension
[Camel 4.2] perf-regression: mean throughput regression appears with Camel Quarkus 3.5.0
camel-k-maven-plugin integration tests fail due to unable to resolve class groovy.util.XmlSlurper
Document how users can upgrade to new Camel Quarkus releases without a Quarkus Platform release
Enable tests and the native profiles after kubernetes client upgrade in quarkus 3.6.0
SimpleIT.simpleExchangeMethods fails in native mode with Mandrel 23.1 JDK 21
Intermittent failure of debug integration test
cxf-soap CxfSoapMtomAwtIT fails with Mandrel 23.1 JDK 21
camel-quarkus-jira WatchUpdates Bug
Automatically register beans with methods annotated with `@Handler` for reflection
Review Camel service include patterns
DataformatTest.snakeYaml test throws NoClassDefFoundError trustedTagInspector
Add support for Salesforce pub / sub API


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