Apache camel-quarkus 2.13.0 Release

New and Noteworthy

Supported Java version

This version supports Java 11.

Apache Camel Quarkus

Download Signature and checksum
apache-camel-quarkus-2.13.0-src.zip (Sources) PGP Signature, SHA512 Checksum

Git tag checkout

Release is tagged with 2.13.0 in the Git, to fetch it use:

git clone https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/camel-quarkus.git
cd camel-quarkus
git checkout 2.13.0

Resolved issues

Here is a list of all the issues that have been resolved for this release

JTA-JPA example project test failure
Tika integration test native build failure
CamelQuarkusTestSupport: Alow to use AdiceWith with another route
Add crash recovery test in jta-jpa example
Sync {snakeyaml.version} with quarkus-bom
master: add an itest with openshift
Testing guide confusing about CamelTestSupport
[Quarkus 2.13.0] JTA integration test fails due to undiscoverable `DataSource`
Google-pubsub: Improve google-pubsub test coverage with GooglePubsubConstants.MESSAGE_ID
Ban camel-directvm
CXF test fails in Quarkus Platform because of hard-coded absolute local wsdlLocation
master: fix itests harness in native mode
Map style config property resolution does not work in native mode
Increase JPA extension test coverage
JCache native support


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