Apache camel-quarkus 2.11.0 Release

New and Noteworthy

Supported Java version

This version supports Java 11.

Apache Camel Quarkus

Download Signature and checksum
apache-camel-quarkus-2.11.0-src.zip (Sources) PGP Signature, SHA512 Checksum

Git tag checkout

Release is tagged with 2.11.0 in the Git, to fetch it use:

git clone https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/camel-quarkus.git
cd camel-quarkus
git checkout 2.11.0

Resolved issues

Here is a list of all the issues that have been resolved for this release

Improve camel-quarkus-master integration test
Add DataSet extension
Http Timeout Parameter Fails when compiled Natively
Test Quarkus Jackson `ObjectMapper` with `JacksonDataFormat`
Document ways of customizing `ObjectMapper` for `JacksonDataFormat`
Get TransationManager and UserTransaction from quarkus container in camel-quarkus-jpa
Create a Camel Hashicorp Vault Extension
dozer: deprecate typeConverterEnabled config
Increase JAXB extension test coverage
Upgrade quarkus-artemis to 1.2.0
Camel Quarkus 2.10.0 attempts to resolve properties for prod profile when running tests or in dev mode
PDF extension encryption does not work in native mode
arangodb integration tests failing with can not start container
quarkus-bootstrap-maven-plugin is deprecated
paho-mqtt5 test failing with `Error: Unable to create websockets listener on port 9001`
Consider removing configuration for `camel.main.source-location-enabled`
Bean introspection on `@Singleton` scoped beans does not work
Clarify usage of Quarkus Quartz clustering support
[Camel 3.18.0] Create camel-jq extension
Cannot compile native image for Google PubSub integration tests
Create an example for JTA+JPA integration
Configuration of ActiveMQ broker URL properties may require reflective access
Aws SQS: Remove unnecessary headers from the test because of CAMEL-18123
Reduce the number of `timer-log` example projects
Intermittent failure of FileTests


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