Apache camel-quarkus 2.1.0 Release

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Apache Camel Quarkus

Download Signature and checksum
apache-camel-quarkus-2.1.0-src.zip (Sources) PGP Signature, SHA512 Checksum

Git tag checkout

Release is tagged with 2.1.0 in the Git, to fetch it use:

git clone https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/camel-quarkus.git
cd camel-quarkus
git checkout 2.1.0

Resolved issues

Here is a list of all the issues that have been resolved for this release

js-dsl integration test failure
Cannot re-process old Kafka messages because of Quarkus overriding the group.id
kudu: remove the useless test harness logic dedicated to Java 8
Avoid producing `FeatureBuildItem` in support extensions
Promote tags to GitHub releases
Give some guidance to end users which messaging extensions they should use in which situation
[Quarkus 2.1] Remove reflective class registration for `ScramSaslClientFactory`
Remove `quarkus.camel.sql.script-files` configuration property
Leverage catalog metadata to discover unremovable bean types
Update the Command mode docs page
Test camel.faulttolerance.* set of properties
Refactor registration of serialization once support is present in Quarkus
Add Kamelet example
camel-quarkus-minio: "quarkus.minio.url" is mandatory and must be a valid url
Revisit user guide testing page
Salesforce : Mock existing tests
Class loader issues in AvroRpcTest with Quarkus 2.0.0.Alpha3
Expand Netty test coverage
Add camel-kamelet extension example
Support JMS ObjectMessage
Document the options for configuring the ElasticSearch REST client
Nitrite - follow up - simplify serialization configuration
OpenTelemetry support
Investigate replacing bouncycastle support extension with Quarkus bouncycastle


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