Apache camel-k 1.10.0 Release

New and Noteworthy

Supported Java version

This version supports Java 11.

Apache Camel-K

Download Signature and checksum
camel-k-dist-1.10.0 (CLIs Distribution) PGP Signature, SHA512 Checksum
camel-k-sources-1.10.0.tar.gz (Sources) PGP Signature, SHA512 Checksum

Git tag checkout

Release is tagged with v1.10.0 in the Git, to fetch it use:

git clone https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/camel-k.git
cd camel-k
git checkout v1.10.0

Resolved issues

Here is a list of all the issues that have been resolved for this release

Update the staging repository for camel-k-runtime 1.14.0
Camel k runtime 1.14.0 as Default
1.10.0 Release
chore: add pod tolerations options to operator
feat(cli): Force arguments for the rebuild command
migrate and improve languages example
chore: Upgrade k8s and Knative dependencies
Feat(trait): Knative service visibility support
fix(trait): force a volume path when key is set
fix(cli): more user-friendly error messages for kamel local subcommands
fix(cli): run Integration from GitHub branch
fix(trait): nil pointer dereference when applying traits during kit building
fix(olm): fix profile name: Openshift -> OpenShift in OLM sample
`kamel rebuild` default should not rebuild all Integrations
CPU Spikes on Openshift with unusual operator behaviour
feat(build): Golang 1.17
allow setting resources & securityContext in Helm Chart values
Update to Knative v1.5.0
chore(build): Use Camel K runtime Maven structural logging module
fix(knative): Make knative broker name configurable
introduce spectrum option job
feat(cli): environment promotion
chore(build): let bom managed by camel k runtime
`kamel local build` doesn't support same dependency notation
Traits configuration schema


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