Apache camel-kafka-connector 0.6.1 Release

New and Noteworthy

Getting the binaries from Maven Central

We maintain a handy table linking to binary packages for the latest release on the connector list.

For this release you can use Maven Central Repository Search to find and download the binary packages. This search will show the packages from this release: g:org.apache.camel.kafkaconnector AND l:package AND v:0.6.1, or you can follow this link to the search results.

Source Distribution

Source distribution contains all the artifacts Apache Camel project distributes in source form

Apache Camel Kafka Connector

Version Description Download Link PGP Signature file of download SHA512 Checksum file of download
0.6.1 Sources camel-kafka-connector-0.6.1-src.zip camel-kafka-connector-0.6.1-src.zip.asc camel-kafka-connector-0.6.1-src.zip.sha512
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Git tag checkout

Release is tagged with camel-kafka-connector0.6.1 in the Git, to fetch it use:

git clone https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/camel-kafka-connector.git
cd camel-kafka-connector
git checkout camel-kafka-connector-0.6.1

Resolved issues

Here is a list of all the issues that have been resolved for this release

Java 14 support: gmavenplus-plugin likely not compatible
Add removeHeaders documentation
create a toHeader SMT
add itests for camel-cxf-kafka-connector
Upgrade to Camel 3.7.1 the 0.7.x branch and release
Camel-Master: SJMS2 it test is failing
Support Parquet input file formats using HDFS connector
Add example for using Kerberos auth maybe in HDFS connector?
Question: S3 file get moved on failure also
Investigate Splitting support
Support camel dataformat configuration for marshaller/unmarshaller
gRPC response
Run slow tests on Apache CI
Support Transactions
SJMS2 connector fails with qpid JmsConnectionFactory
Add Integration test for Camel-SFTP Kafka Connector
Add integration test for Camel-FTPS kafka connector
Add Integration test for Camel-FTP kafka connector
Add test for AWS 2 SNS
Add ServiceLoading to prepopulate PojoToSchemaAndStructTransform POJO type -> Shema + struct cache
Syslog connector is missing from the catalog
Error with Syslog Source Connector
Add Dataformat documentation
is camel-smtp connector ready for production?
Create a Twitter timeline example
Couchbase fails due to incorrect URI format
Being able of generating only source or sink connector
Investigate using Kamelet concepts in Camel-Kafka-connector
Introduce Error Handling Options possibilities
Add an example of FHIR connector's usage


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