There is a new release of VS Code extension Language support for Apache Camel 0.7.0

Available at Visual Studio Marketplace and Open VSX Registry.

Camel versions upgrades

  • Update default Camel Catalog version from 3.20.0 to 3.20.3
  • Update Kamelet Catalog from 0.10.0 to 3.20.2
  • Update Camel Quarkus Catalog from 2.15.0 to 2.16.0

New features

Command to create a Camel route with Yaml DSL

With new release there is an addition of a new vscode command Camel: Create a Camel Route using Yaml DSL. It allows to user create a new Camel Route file defined in Yaml DSL. The new *.camel.yaml file is automatically created inside the active workspace using Apache Camel JBang.

Outline have a very long name for Camel in previous version

New requirements

Beginning this release, for some features it is required to have JBang available on a system command-line.