Karavan Serverless

What’s new in Karavan preview release 0.0.8? In addition to VSCode extension and Standalone application, Karavan could be deployed in Serverless mode alongside Camel-K on Kubernetes. Karavan Serverless gets and applies Integration Custom Resources directly from/to Kubernetes.


Try Karavan Serverless mode on Minikube

  1. Install Minikube

  2. Install Camel-K

  3. Install Karavan serverless

    git clone --depth 1  https://github.com/apache/camel-karavan
    cd camel-karavan/karavan-demo/serverless
    kubectl apply -k karavan -n default
  4. Get Karavan URL

    minikube service camel-karavan --url

    The output should be like the following:

    🏃  Starting tunnel for service camel-karavan.
    | NAMESPACE |     NAME      | TARGET PORT |          URL           |
    | default   | camel-karavan |             | |
  5. Open Karavan URL in your browser, ex.

  6. Follow the video demonstration on YouTube