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The Apache Camel community is pleased to announce the first release (0.1.0) of Camel-Kafka-connector project.

This release is an early opportunity for the community to try the project and share feedback about usage of the autogenerated connectors as well as features ideas and use cases for the next development iterations.

The project provides a tiny integration layer between camel and kafka connect frameworks and generate one kafka connector for each existing camel component. In doing so ensures that the minimal set of dependencies is used leveraging the modularity of camel 3.x by depending on camel-core-engine. The generated kafka connectors can be used just by configuring them through a property file thanks to main property binding support introduced in camel 3.x.

In the coming days we will provide a short demo as a Youtube video showing how to use the connectors in a simple scenario. Follow us for more information, tutorials and more blog posts will follow!