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It’s the time of the year where we take a look back at 2019, and compile a brief summary of the Apache Camel project.

The big news of 2019 was the much anticipated release of Apache Camel 3.

Family of projects

It was also in 2019 that the Camel project became a family of projects by introducing:

  • Camel K
  • Camel Quarkus

Making Apache Camel a trilogy. But it does not stop there; in early 2020 three will become five when we release:

  • Camel Kafka Connector
  • Camel Spring Boot (moved out from main repository)

Camel 2019 in Numbers

Number of Camel releases in 2019: 21

Number of Camel K and Camel Quarkus releases in 2019: 15

Number of posts on Camel user forum in 2019: 1305

Number of gitter chat users at end of 2019: 691

Number of commits in 2019: 6734 [1]

Total number of JIRA tickets created at end of 2019: 14340

Number of JIRA tickets created in 2019: 1306

Number of JIRA tickets resolved in 2019: 1379

Stackoverflow number of questions at end of 2019: 9311

Stackoverflow number of watchers at end of 2019: 2.1k

Number of stars on github at end of 2019: 3031

Total number of commits at end of 2019: 41164

Total number of contributors on github at end of 2019: 555

Number of individual committers doing commits in 2019: 218 [2]

Number of closed pull requests at end of 2019: 3434

Number of closed pull requests in 2019: 482

Number of Twitter followers at end of 2019: 1033

The Apache Software Foundation recently posted a summary of the most active projects in 2019 and Apache Camel was ranked in the top 5 by commits and github traffic.

Happy New Year and 2020 is going to be a great year for Apache Camel with Camel Kafka Connector, Camel K and Camel Quarkus all in the works and to be released as production ready 1.0 releases.

#1 git shortlog -ns --since 2019-01-01 --until 2020-01-01 | cut -c1-7 | awk '{ SUM += $1} END { print SUM }'
#2 git shortlog --since 2019-01-01 --until 2020-01-01 -ns | wc -l