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Why did you choose the name Camel

  • it stands for Concise Application Message Exchange Language (i.e. the Java DSL for routing)
  • a Camel can carry 4 times the load of other beasts of burden
  • a Camel can travel for great distances without water; similarly a Camel does not require bucket loads of XML as you can use a pure Java DSL
  • some members of the team used to love Camel cigarettes!
  • its short, simple and easy to remember name
  • very fast, even when the going gets tough!
  • a Camel will never spit on those it loves!
  • a Camel is not an evolutionary dead end
  • a Camel looks really funny when its running, like most of the team (smile)
  • a Camel is a horse designed by committee (smile)
  • a Camel in Action is really funny

We generated some really cheesy tag lines like:

  • You can go a long way with Camel!
  • Don't get the hump get Camel!
  • No where to evolve to ? Get Camel!
  • One hump or two?
  • Don't get lost in a desert of XML config files, get Camel!
  • Its not a mirage, its a Camel!
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