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Available as of Camel 2.6

A scheduled route policy org.apache.camel.routepolicy.quartz.ScheduledRoutePolicy is an extensible abstract policy that is used to provide camel route scheduling capabilities at runtime.

Scheduling of routes typically involves the following capabilities

  • Route activation - Starting a route a given start time if the route is in a stopped state awaiting activation.
  • Route de-activation - Shutting down an otherwise active and started route at a given time.
  • Route suspension - Simply de-activating the route consumer endpoint URI declared on the from(...) section of the route from listening on a given port. The route is still considered as started, however, clients will not be able to send requests along the route.
  • Route resumption - Resuming the listener on a formerly suspended route consumer endpoint URI. This route is ready to accept requests following route resumption and client requests will be accepted by the route consumer to be forwarded along the route.

Camel offers 2 such concrete policies that offer scheduled route policy support

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