Endpoint DSL

Endpoint-dsl is a new API that allows to use type-safe endpoint URL configurations.

The following is an example of an FTP consumer endpoint definition:


The same Java statement can be rewritten in the following more readable way:

        .ftpClientParameters(Collections.singletonMap("dataTimeout", 30000))
        .ftpClientConfig(Collections.singletonMap("serverLanguageCode", "fr")))

The fluent DSL now provides type safety for parameters:

The above example of endpoint-dsl uses the meta model, which is extracted from the source using an annotation processor and written in various JSON files, to generate a fluent DSL for each endpoint.This fluent DSL provides type safety for parameters. It further allows leveraging the Java editor code completion to access the list of available parameters for the each endpoint.

How to use

The DSL can be accessed in several ways, but the main one is to switch to using an EndpointRouteBuilder instead of the usual RouteBuilder. It provides access to all endpoint builders which are defined through inheritance on the EndpointRouteBuilder.