## Mailing Lists

Use Camel User List

You should post and subscriber to the Camel User List for all your questions on using Camel, or how to do X with Camel etc. If in doubt use this list. The other list Camel Developer List, is for the Camel team to discus development of the actual Camel project; do not use this list for question on using Camel. Again to re-iterate, use the Camel User List, for you Camel questions. This is the correct mailing list, and have the most people there ready for helping you.

Post plain text mails

When posting to the mailing lists, use plain text mails. Do not use HTML mails. HTML mails is more likely to be targeted as spam mails and will be rejected; as well it’s not easily readable by others.

List NameAddressSubscribeUnsubscribeArchive Nabble (Online Forums) Comment
Camel User Listusers@camel.apache.orgsubscribeunsubscribeArchivesNabbleUse this list for your Camel questions.
Camel Developer Listdev@camel.apache.orgsubscribeunsubscribeArchivesNabble
Camel Commits Listcommits@camel.apache.orgsubscribeunsubscribeArchivesNabble
Camel Issues Listissues@camel.apache.orgsubscribeunsubscribeArchives

There were various discussions before these mailing lists were setup on the ActiveMQ Mailing Lists such as these threads

Discussion Forums

If you prefer you could use our Discussion Forums which are sync’d with the above mailing lists.