Running Examples

Before you start

To run the demos with maven, you need to download and install Apache Maven.

To test your Maven install, change directory to the examples directory and type:

mvn -v

You should see something like:

camel-rider:/tmp/camel/examples$ mvn -v
Maven version: 3.0.3

Running the examples in Maven

To run the first example using Maven, change directory to the example you want to run then issue the following command:

mvn exec:java

To run the other Spring-based examples such as the Spring Example, use the Camel Maven Plugin. For example:

cd camel-example-spring
mvn camel:run

Running the examples in your IDE

In each example you can run the main() from your IDE.

To create an IDEA project, run

mvn idea:idea

If you are an Eclipse user, run

mvn eclipse:eclipse

You should now be able to open the project(s) in your IDE and run any main() method you wish.