Camel Boot

Camel lets you boot up a JVM process and configure Camel nicely using whichever dependency injection framework you choose.

For each of the main dependency injection frameworks, Camel has a Main class with a public static void run(String[] args) function so that you can boot up your JVM which then also bootstraps the Dependency Injection framework to load all the camel contexts and services required.

The following camel boot options are supported:


Using the camel-cdi module you can boot up your Camel Java process using the org.apache.camel.cdi.Main class


Using the Spring you can boot your Camel Java process using the org.apache.camel.spring.Main class

Spring Boot

You can combine Spring Boot with Camel using Camel’s Spring Boot integration. In this case your application looks and feels like a regular Spring Boot application but with full Camel integration.