Undertow Elytron Security Provider

Since Camel 3.2

Replaces component camel-elytron

OSGi is not supported

The Elytron Security Provider provides Elytron security over camel-undertow component. It enables camel-undertow component use Elytron security capabilities. To force camel-undertow to use elytron security provider, add elytron security provider library on classpath and provide instance of ElytronSercurityConfiguration as securityConfiguration parameter into camel-undertow component or provide both securityConfiguration and securityProvider into camel-undertow component.

Configuration has to provide all 3 security attributes:





Builder for security domain.



MechanismName should be selected with regard to default securityRealm. For example: to use bearer_token security, mechanism name has to be "BEARER_TOKEN" and realm has to be TokenSecurityReal



Instance of WildFlyElytronBaseProvider ith respect of mechanismName


Each exchange created by Undertow endpoint with Elytron security contains header 'securityIdentity' with current Elytron’s security identity as value. ('org.wildfly.security.auth.server.SecurityIdentity') or is FORBIDDEN (status code 403)

Maven users will need to add the following dependency to their pom.xml for this component:

    <!-- use the same version as your Camel core version -->

Other Elytron capabilities

This seurity provider contains only basic Elytron dependencies (without any transitive dependency from org.wildfly.security:wildfly-elytron). Ignored libraries should be added among application’s dependencies for their usage.