Since Camel 2.20

The camel-headersmap is a faster implementation of a case-insenstive map which can be plugged in and used by Camel at runtime to have slight faster performance in the Camel Message headers.

Auto detection from classpath

To use this implementation all you need to do is to add the camel-headersmap dependency to the classpath, and Camel should auto-detect this on startup and log as follows:

Detected and using custom HeadersMapFactory: org.apache.camel.component.headersmap.FastHeadersMapFactory@71e9ebae

For spring-boot there is a camel-headersmap-starter dependency you should use.

Manual enabling

If you use OSGi or the implementation is not added to the classpath, you need to enable this explict such:

CamelContext camel = ...

camel.setHeadersMapFactory(new FastHeadersMapFactory());

Or in XML DSL (spring or blueprint XML file) you can declare the factory as a <bean>:

<bean id="fastMapFactory" class="org.apache.camel.component.headersmap.FastHeadersMapFactory"/>

and then Camel should detect the bean and use the factory.