Since Camel 2.8

The Ref Expression Language is really just a way to lookup a custom Expression or Predicate from the Registry.

This is particular useable in XML DSLs.

Ref Language options

The Ref language supports 1 options, which are listed below.

Name Default Java Type Description




Whether to trim the value to remove leading and trailing whitespaces and line breaks

Example usage

The Splitter in XML DSL can utilize a custom expression using <ref> like:

<bean id="myExpression" class="com.mycompany.MyCustomExpression"/>

  <from uri="seda:a"/>
    <to uri="mock:b"/>

in this case, the Message coming from the seda:a Endpoint will be splitted using a custom Expression which has the id myExpression in the Registry.

And the same example using Java DSL:



The Ref language is part of camel-core.