Camel Quarkus Examples

We offer several examples in Camel Quarkus examples repository. To learn how to use them, please follow the First steps chapter of the User guide.

Number of Examples: 16

Example Description

Connecting to a JDBC DataSource

Shows how to connect to a Database using Datastores.

Custom main()

Shows how to start Camel from a custom main() method

Deploying a Camel Route in AWS Lambda

Shows how to deploy a Camel Quarkus route as an AWS Lambda function

File consumer with Bindy & FTP

Shows how to consume CSV files, marshal & unmarshal the data and send it onwards via FTP

HTTP with vanilla JAX-RS or with Camel platform-http component

Shows how to create HTTP endpoints using either the RESTEasy


Shows how to use Camel health-checks with Quarkus.


Shows how to run a Camel Quarkus application that supports JTA transactions on two external transactional resources: a database (MySQL) and a simulate XAResource which can demonstrate the commit, rollback and crash recovery.

Kafka example

Shows how to produce and consume messages in a Kafka topic, using Strimzi Operator

Kamelet Chuck Norris

Shows how you can build a simple Kamelet and use with your Camel applications.

Kotlin Hello World

Shows how to define Camel routes using Kotlin programming language

Leader election in Kubernetes: A Camel Quarkus Master example

Shows how to use Camel master component.


Demonstrates how to add support for metrics, health checks and distributed tracing

Platform HTTP security with Keycloak

Shows how to secure platform HTTP with Keycloak

REST with Jackson

Demonstrates how to create a REST service using the Camel REST DSL and Jackson.

Timer Hello World

Uses the Camel timer component to output a Hello world message to the console

Tokenize a CSV file

Shows how to define a Camel route in XML for tokenizing a CSV a file.