Apache Camel extensions for Quarkus

This version (2.11.x) of Camel Quarkus depends on:

This release will not be updated, but rather replaced by a new release.

This project aims to bring the awesome integration capabilities of Apache Camel and its vast component library to the Quarkus runtime.

This enables users to take advantage of the performance benefits, developer joy and the container first ethos that Quarkus provides.

Camel Quarkus provides Quarkus extensions for many of the Camel components.

Camel Quarkus also takes advantage of the many performance improvements made in Camel 3, which results in a lower memory footprint, less reliance on reflection (which is good for native application support) and faster startup times.

You can define Camel routes using the Java DSL, XML, Kotlin, Groovy, YAML or JavaScript.