Camel Quarkus Examples

We offer several examples in Camel Quarkus examples repository. To learn how to use them, please follow the First steps chapter of the User guide.

Number of Examples: 11

Example Description

Configure a Camel component using CDI

Demonstrates how to set-up a Camel component (the log component in this case) programmatically using CDI

Custom main()

Shows how to start Camel from a custom main() method


Shows how to use Camel health-checks with Quarkus.

HTTP with vanilla JAX-RS or with Camel platform-http component

Shows how to create HTTP endpoints using either the RESTEasy

Kotlin Hello World

Shows how to define Camel routes using Kotlin programming language


Demonstrates how to add support for metrics, health checks and distributed tracing

REST with platform-http

Demonstrates how to create a REST service using platform-http Camel component and Jackson.

Spring Dependency Injection

Shows how to use Spring Dependency Injection when defining routes on Camel Quarkus.

Timer Hello World

An example using the Camel timer component to output a Hello world message to the console

Tokenize a CSV file

Shows how to define a Camel route in XML for tokenizing a CSV a file.

XML Hello World

Shows how to define Camel routes using XML.