Run from GitHub

It is possible to run integrations from a GitHub repository or Gist with dedicated URL syntax:


kamel run github:$user/$repo/$path?branch=$branch

As example, running the following command

kamel run github:apache/camel-k/examples/languages/

is equivalent to:

kamel run

but does not require to type the full GitHub RAW URL.

Declaring the branch query param is not required and defaults to master if not explicit set.


kamel run${user-id}/${gist-id}
kamel run gist:${gist-id}

camel-k will add any file that is part of the Gist as a source.

As example, assuming there are two files listed as part of a Gist, beans.yaml and routes.yaml, then the following command

kamel run gist:${gist-id}

is equivalent to:

kamel run \${user-id}/${gist-id}/raw/${...}/beans.yaml \${user-id}/${gist-id}/raw/${...}/routes.yaml

GitHub applies rate limiting to its APIs and as Authenticated requests get a higher rate limit, the camel-k cli honour the env var GITHUB_TOKEN and if it is found, then it is used for GitHub authentication.