Dependencies and Component Resolution

Camel K tries to resolve automatically a wide range of dependencies that are required to run your integration code.

For example, take the following integration:


Since the integration has a endpoint starting with the "imap:" prefix, Camel K is able to automatically add the "camel-mail" component to the list of required dependencies. The seda: endpoint belongs to camel-core that is automatically added to all integrations, so Camel K will not add additional dependencies for it. This dependency resolution mechanism is transparent to the user, that will just see the integration running.

Automatic resolution is also a nice feature in dev mode, because you are allowed to add all components you need without exiting the dev loop.

You can explicitly add dependency explicitly using the -d flag. This is useful when you need to use dependencies that are not included in the Camel catalog. For example:

kamel run -d -d camel-mina2

This feature can also be disabled if needed (although we discourage you from doing it) by disabling the dependencies trait (-t dependencies.enabled=false).