Mount Trait

The Mount trait can be used to configure volumes mounted on the Integration Pods.

This trait is available in the following profiles: Kubernetes, Knative, OpenShift.

The mount trait is a platform trait: disabling it may compromise the platform functionality.


Trait properties can be specified when running any integration with the CLI:

$ kamel run --trait mount.[key]=[value] --trait mount.[key2]=[value2] integration.groovy

The following configuration options are available:

Property Type Description



Can be used to enable or disable a trait. All traits share this common property.



A list of configuration pointing to configmap/secret. The configuration are expected to be UTF-8 resources as they are processed by runtime Camel Context and tried to be parsed as property files. They are also made available on the classpath in order to ease their usage directly from the Route. Syntax: [configmap|secret]:name[/key], where name represents the resource name and key optionally represents the resource key to be filtered



A list of resources (text or binary content) pointing to configmap/secret. The resources are expected to be any resource type (text or binary content). The destination path can be either a default location or any path specified by the user. Syntax: [configmap|secret]:name[/key][@path], where name represents the resource name, key optionally represents the resource key to be filtered and path represents the destination path



A list of Persistent Volume Claims to be mounted. Syntax: [pvcname:/container/path]