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Syslog DataFormat

Available as of Camel 2.6

The syslog dataformat is used for working with RFC3164 and RFC5424 messages.

This component supports the following:

  • UDP consumption of syslog messages
  • Agnostic data format using either plain String objects or SyslogMessage model objects.
  • Type Converter from/to SyslogMessage and String
  • Integration with the camel-mina component.
  • Integration with the camel-netty component.
  • Camel 2.14: Encoder and decoder for the camel-netty component.
  • Camel 2.14: Support for RFC5424 also.

Maven users will need to add the following dependency to their pom.xml for this component:

RFC3164 Syslog protocol

Syslog uses the user datagram protocol (UDP) 1 as its underlying transport layer mechanism.
The UDP port that has been assigned to syslog is 514.

To expose a Syslog listener service we reuse the existing camel-mina component or camel-netty where we just use the Rfc3164SyslogDataFormat to marshal and unmarshal messages. Notice that from Camel 2.14 onwards the syslog dataformat is renamed to SyslogDataFormat.

RFC5424 Syslog protocol

Available as of Camel 2.14

To expose a Syslog listener service we reuse the existing camel-mina component or camel-netty where we just use the SyslogDataFormat to marshal and unmarshal messages

Exposing a Syslog listener

In our Spring XML file, we configure an endpoint to listen for udp messages on port 10514, note that in netty we disable the defaultCodec, this
will allow a fallback to a NettyTypeConverter and delivers the message as an InputStream:

The same route using camel-mina

Sending syslog messages to a remote destination

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