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Simple Jira Bot Example

Available as of Camel 2.7

The example is included in the distribution at examples/camel-example-simplejirabot. It contains a README.txt file with details how to use and run it.

The routes

This example has 1 route implemented in both the Java and XML DSLs as an example. Both route from a RSS endpoint to an IRC endpoint.

Java DSL

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from("rss:" + rssURL).
        transform(body().prepend("Jira: ")).


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  <from uri="rss:;sorter/field=issuekey&amp;sorter/order=DESC&amp;tempMax=1000&amp;delay=10s"/>
  <to uri="log:jirabot?showHeaders=false&amp;showExchangePattern=false&amp;showBodyType=false"/>
  <to uri=""/>

Information for configuring each endpoint can be found here:
RSS endpoint documentation
IRC endpoint documentation


To run the Java DSL example type

cd javadsl
mvn camel:run

To run the XML Configuration example type

cd xmlconf
mvn camel:run

It takes about 10 second before the bot will join the channel and Camel logs to the screen the first time. The log should be like this

2011-01-03 07:24:43,840 [archRequest.xml] INFO  jirabot                        - Exchange[Body:[CAMEL-2480] Use mock XMPP server for unit tests]

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