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Uses of ScriptBuilder in org.apache.camel.builder.script

Methods in org.apache.camel.builder.script that return ScriptBuilder
 ScriptBuilder ScriptBuilder.attribute(String name, Object value)
          Sets the attribute on the context so that it is available to the script as a variable in the ScriptContext.ENGINE_SCOPE
static ScriptBuilder ScriptBuilder.groovy(String scriptText)
          Creates a script builder for the groovy script contents
static ScriptBuilder ScriptBuilder.javaScript(String scriptText)
          Creates a script builder for the JavaScript/ECMAScript script contents
static ScriptBuilder ScriptBuilder.php(String scriptText)
          Creates a script builder for the PHP script contents
static ScriptBuilder ScriptBuilder.python(String scriptText)
          Creates a script builder for the Python script contents
static ScriptBuilder ScriptBuilder.ruby(String scriptText)
          Creates a script builder for the Ruby/JRuby script contents
static ScriptBuilder ScriptBuilder.script(String language, String scriptText)
          Creates a script builder for the named language and script contents

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