Package org.apache.camel.util

Utility classes used by the core of Camel.


Interface Summary
ReflectionHelper.FieldCallback Callback interface invoked on each field in the hierarchy.
ReflectionHelper.MethodCallback Action to take on each method.

Class Summary
AntPathMatcher PathMatcher implementation for Ant-style path patterns.
AsyncProcessorConverterHelper A simple converter that can convert any Processor to an AsyncProcessor.
AsyncProcessorHelper Helper methods for AsyncProcessor objects.
CamelContextHelper A number of helper methods
CamelLogger A logger which logs to a slf4j Logger.
CaseInsensitiveMap A map that uses case insensitive keys, but preserves the original keys in the keySet.
CastUtils Utility methods for type casting.
CollectionHelper A number of helper methods for working with collections
CollectionStringBuffer A little helper class for converting a collection of values to a (usually comma separated) string.
EndpointHelper Some helper methods for working with Endpoint instances
EventHelper Helper for easily sending event notifications in a single line of code
ExchangeHelper Some helper methods for working with Exchange objects
ExpressionComparator An implementation of Comparator that takes an Expression which is evaluated on each exchange to be compared
ExpressionListComparator An implementation of Comparator which takes a list of Expression objects which is evaluated on each exchange to compare them
FilePathResolver A resolver for file paths that supports resolving with system and environment properties.
FileUtil File utilities.
GroupIterator Group based Iterator which groups the given Iterator a number of times and then return a combined response as a String.
GZIPHelper Helper class to help wrapping content into GZIP input and output streams.
InetAddressUtil Util class for InetAddress
IntrospectionSupport Helper for introspections of beans.
IntrospectionSupport.ClassInfo Structure of an introspected class.
IntrospectionSupport.MethodInfo Structure of an introspected method.
IOHelper IO helper class.
KeyValueHolder<K,V> Holder for a key and value.
LRUCache<K,V> A Least Recently Used Cache.
LRUSoftCache<K,V> A Least Recently Used Cache which uses SoftReference.
LRUWeakCache<K,V> A Least Recently Used Cache which uses WeakReference.
MessageDump A model of a message dump from MessageHelper.dumpAsXml(org.apache.camel.Message).
MessageHelper Some helper methods when working with Message.
ObjectHelper A number of useful helper methods for working with Objects
OgnlHelper Helper for Camel OGNL (Object-Graph Navigation Language) expressions.
OrderedComparator A comparator to sort Ordered
PackageHelper Some helper methods for working with Java packages and versioning.
PlatformHelper Utility dedicated for resolving runtime information related to the platform on which Camel is currently running.
PredicateAssertHelper A helper for doing Predicate assertions.
ProcessorStatDump A model of a route stat dump from ManagedRouteMBean.dumpRouteAsXml().
ReflectionHelper Helper for working with reflection on classes.
ReflectionInjector A simple implementation of Injector which just uses reflection to instantiate new objects using their zero argument constructor.
ResourceHelper Helper class for loading resources on the classpath or file system.
RouteStatDump A model of a route stat dump from ManagedRouteMBean.dumpRouteAsXml().
ServiceHelper A collection of helper methods for working with Service objects.
StopWatch A very simple stop watch.
StringHelper Helper methods for working with Strings.
StringQuoteHelper Utility class for parsing quoted string which is intended for parameters, separated by comma.
Time A helper class for working with times in various units
TimeUtils Time utils.
UnitUtils Unit utils.
UnsafeUriCharactersEncoder Encoder for unsafe URI characters.
URISupport URI utilities.
ValueHolder<V> Holder object for a given value.

Exception Summary
LoadPropertiesException Represents a failure to open a Properties file at a given URL

Package org.apache.camel.util Description

Utility classes used by the core of Camel. Also useful for Camel component developers.

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