Class ExpressionAdapter

  extended by
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Expression, Predicate
Direct Known Subclasses:
DirectVmConsumerExpression, ExpressionAdapter, TokenPairExpressionIterator, TokenXMLExpressionIterator

public abstract class ExpressionAdapter
extends ExpressionSupport

A helper class for developers wishing to implement an Expression using Java code with a minimum amount of code to write so that the developer only needs to implement one of the evaluate(org.apache.camel.Exchange, Class) or ExpressionSupport.evaluate(org.apache.camel.Exchange) methods.


Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  String assertionFailureMessage(Exchange exchange)
<T> T
evaluate(Exchange exchange, Class<T> type)
          Returns the value of the expression on the given exchange
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Constructor Detail


public ExpressionAdapter()
Method Detail


protected String assertionFailureMessage(Exchange exchange)
Specified by:
assertionFailureMessage in class ExpressionSupport


public <T> T evaluate(Exchange exchange,
                      Class<T> type)
Description copied from interface: Expression
Returns the value of the expression on the given exchange

exchange - the message exchange on which to evaluate the expression
type - the expected type of the evaluation result
the value of the expression

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