Package org.apache.camel.spi

Service Provider Interfaces used internally by the Camel runtime which are plugin strategies.


Interface Summary
AggregationRepository Access to a repository to store aggregated exchanges to support pluggable implementations.
AuthorizationPolicy A marker for defining the policy to be used for applying authorization to routes.
Binding Represents a Binding or contract which can be applied to an Endpoint; such as ensuring that a particular Data Format is used on messages in and out of an endpoint.
Breakpoint Breakpoint are used by the Debugger API.
BrowsableEndpoint An optional interface an Endpoint may choose to implement which allows it to expose a way of browsing the exchanges available.
CamelContextNameStrategy Strategy for assigning name to a CamelContext.
ClassResolver A class resolver for loading classes in a loosly coupled manner to cater for different platforms such as standalone, web container, j2ee container and OSGi platforms.
ComponentResolver Represents a resolver of components from a URI to be able to auto-load them using some discovery mechanism like DefaultComponentResolver
Condition A condition to define when a given Exchange matches when is being routed.
Container The Container interface defines an object that can be used to customize all Camel contexts created.
DataFormat Represents a data format used to marshal objects to and from streams such as Java Serialization or using JAXB2 to encode/decode objects using XML or using SOAP encoding.
DataFormatResolver Represents a resolver of data formats.
Debugger A debugger which allows tooling to attach breakpoints which is is being invoked when Exchanges is being routed.
EndpointCompleter A helper interface used by the ComponentConfiguration.completeEndpointPath(String) method to allow endpoint paths to be completed.
EndpointStrategy Endpoint strategy with callback invoked when an Endpoint is about to be registered to the endpoint registry in CamelContext.
EventFactory Factory to create events that are emitted when such an event occur.
EventNotifier Notifier to send events.
ExceptionHandler A Strategy pattern for handling exceptions; particularly in asynchronous processes such as consumers

Its important to not throw any exceptions when handling exceptions as they handler is often invoked in a try ..

ExchangeFormatter A plugin used to turn an Exchange into a String representation usually to be used for logging or tracing purposes.
ExecutorServiceManager Strategy to create thread pools.
ExecutorServiceStrategy Deprecated. use ExecutorServiceManager instead, will be removed in a future Camel release
FactoryFinder Finder to find factories from the resource classpath, usually META-INF/services/org/apache/camel/.
FactoryFinderResolver Represents a resolver for FactoryFinder
HasBinding Allows objects such as Endpoints to expose that they have a Binding.
HasId A simple marker interface for an object which has a unique ID which is useful for referring to objects in REST or JMX style APIs
HeaderFilterStrategy Interface to allow plug-able implementation to filter header to and from Camel message.
HeaderFilterStrategyAware An interface to represent an object which can make use of injected HeaderFilterStrategy.
IdempotentRepository<E> Access to a repository of Message IDs to implement the Idempotent Consumer pattern.
InflightRepository A repository which tracks in flight Exchanges.
Injector A pluggable strategy for creating and possibly dependency injecting objects which could be implemented using straight forward reflection or using Spring or Guice to perform dependency injection.
InterceptStrategy The purpose of this interface is to allow an implementation to wrap processors in a route with interceptors.
Language Represents a language to be used for Expression or Predicate instances
LanguageResolver A pluggable strategy for resolving different languages in a loosely coupled manner
LifecycleStrategy Strategy for lifecycle notifications.
ManagementAgent Camel JMX service agent
ManagementAware<T> Deprecated. will be removed in Camel 3.0.
ManagementMBeanAssembler An assembler to assemble a RequiredModelMBean which can be used to register the object in JMX.
ManagementNameStrategy Strategy for assigning the name part of the ObjectName for a managed CamelContext.
ManagementNamingStrategy Strategy for computing ObjectName names for the various beans that Camel register for management.
ManagementObjectStrategy Strategy for creating the managed object for the various beans Camel register for management.
ManagementStrategy Strategy for management.
NamespaceAware Represents an object which is aware of the namespaces in which its used such as XPath and XQuery type expressions so that the current namespace context can be injected
NodeIdFactory Factory to generate unique ids for model nodes.
OptimisticLockingAggregationRepository A specialized AggregationRepository which also supports optimistic locking.
PackageScanClassResolver A resolver that can find resources based on package scanning.
PackageScanFilter Filter that can be used with the PackageScanClassResolver resolver.
Policy A strategy capable of applying interceptors to a processor

Its strongly adviced to use an AsyncProcessor as the returned wrapped Processor which ensures the policy works well with the asynchronous routing engine.

PollingConsumerPollStrategy Strategy for a PollingConsumer when polling an Endpoint.
ProcessorFactory A factory to create Processor based on the definition.
RecoverableAggregationRepository A specialized AggregationRepository which also supports recovery.
Registry Represents a service registry which may be implemented via a Spring ApplicationContext, via JNDI, a simple Map or the OSGi Service Registry
RouteContext The context used to activate new routing rules
RoutePolicy Policy for a Route which allows controlling the route at runtime.
RouteStartupOrder Information about a route to be started where we want to control the order in which they are started by CamelContext.
ScheduledPollConsumerScheduler A pluggable scheduler for ScheduledPollConsumer consumers.
ServicePool<Key,Service> A service pool is like a connection pool but can pool any kind of objects.
ShutdownAware Allows Consumer to fine grained control on shutdown which mostly have to cater for in-memory based components.
ShutdownPrepared Allows a Service to prepare for shutdown.
ShutdownStrategy Pluggable shutdown strategy executed during shutdown of routes.
StreamCachingStrategy Strategy for using stream caching.
StreamCachingStrategy.SpoolRule Rule for determine if stream caching should be spooled to disk or kept in-memory.
StreamCachingStrategy.Statistics Utilization statistics of stream caching.
SubUnitOfWork A sub unit of work is a way of implement sub-transactions in Camel routing.
SubUnitOfWorkCallback To allow unit of work for the UnitOfWork while processing a number of Exchanges.
Synchronization Provides a hook for custom Processor or Component instances to respond to completed or failed processing of an Exchange rather like Spring's TransactionSynchronization
SynchronizationVetoable A vetoable Synchronization.
ThreadPoolFactory Creates ExecutorService and ScheduledExecutorService objects that work with a thread pool for a given ThreadPoolProfile and ThreadFactory.
TracedRouteNodes Tracing information used by TraceInterceptor so we can trace the exact route path a given Exchange has been processed.
TransactedPolicy A marker for defining the policy to be used for applying transaction to routes.
TypeConverterAware An interface for an object which is interested in being injected with the root TypeConverter such as for implementing a fallback type converter
TypeConverterLoader A pluggable strategy to load type converters into a TypeConverterRegistry from some kind of mechanism.
TypeConverterRegistry Registry for type converters.
TypeConverterRegistry.Statistics Utilization statistics of the this registry.
UnitOfWork An object representing the unit of work processing an Exchange which allows the use of Synchronization hooks.
UuidGenerator Generator to generate UUID strings.

Class Summary
Container.Instance The Instance class holds a Container singleton.
ThreadPoolProfile A profile which defines thread pool settings.

Enum Summary
HeaderFilterStrategy.Direction The direction is either IN or OUT.
StreamCachingStrategy.SpoolUsedHeapMemoryLimit Used for selecting if the memory limit is committed or maximum heap memory setting.

Exception Summary
OptimisticLockingAggregationRepository.OptimisticLockingException Exception used by an AggregationRepository to indicate that an optimistic update error has occurred and that the operation should be retried by the caller.

Annotation Types Summary
Required Used to denote fields which are required to be specified for validation purposes particularly in tooling.

Package org.apache.camel.spi Description

Service Provider Interfaces used internally by the Camel runtime which are plugin strategies.

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