Uses of Interface

Packages that use UuidGenerator
org.apache.camel The core Camel API. 
org.apache.camel.impl Default implementation classes for Camel Core 

Uses of UuidGenerator in org.apache.camel

Methods in org.apache.camel that return UuidGenerator
 UuidGenerator CamelContext.getUuidGenerator()
          Gets the current UuidGenerator

Methods in org.apache.camel with parameters of type UuidGenerator
 void CamelContext.setUuidGenerator(UuidGenerator uuidGenerator)
          Sets a custom UuidGenerator (should only be set once)

Uses of UuidGenerator in org.apache.camel.impl

Classes in org.apache.camel.impl that implement UuidGenerator
 class ActiveMQUuidGenerator
          UuidGenerator which is a fast implementation based on how
 class JavaUuidGenerator
          This implementation uses the UUID from Java.
 class SimpleUuidGenerator
          This implementation uses a counter which increments by one

Methods in org.apache.camel.impl that return UuidGenerator
 UuidGenerator DefaultCamelContext.getUuidGenerator()

Methods in org.apache.camel.impl with parameters of type UuidGenerator
 void DefaultCamelContext.setUuidGenerator(UuidGenerator uuidGenerator)

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