Interface ManagementAware<T>

Deprecated. will be removed in Camel 3.0. Instead use Spring JMX annotations, see this FAQ entry

public interface ManagementAware<T>

An interface to represent an object being managed.

This allows you to gain fine grained control of managing objects with Camel. For example various Camel components will implement this interface to provide management to their endpoints and consumers.

A popular choice is to use Spring JMX annotations to decorate your object to pinpoint the JMX attributes and operations. If you do this then you do not need to use this interface. This interface is only if you need to be in full control of the MBean and therefore can return a MBeanInfo object.


Method Summary
 Object getManagedObject(T object)
          Deprecated. Gets the managed object

Method Detail


Object getManagedObject(T object)
Gets the managed object

object - the object to be managed
the managed object

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