Package org.apache.camel.processor.loadbalancer

Various load balancer processors


Interface Summary
LoadBalancer A strategy for load balancing across a number of Processor instances

Class Summary
FailOverLoadBalancer This FailOverLoadBalancer will failover to use next processor when an exception occurred

This implementation mirrors the logic from the Pipeline in the async variation as the failover load balancer is a specialized pipeline.

LoadBalancerConsumer Represents a consumer which on starting registers itself with a LoadBalancer and on closing unregisters itself with a load balancer
LoadBalancerSupport A default base class for a LoadBalancer implementation.
QueueLoadBalancer A base class for LoadBalancer implementations which choose a single destination for each exchange (rather like JMS Queues)
RandomLoadBalancer Implements the random load balancing policy
RoundRobinLoadBalancer Implements the round robin load balancing policy
SimpleLoadBalancerSupport A default base class for a LoadBalancer implementation.
StickyLoadBalancer Implements a sticky load balancer using an Expression to calculate a correlation key to perform the sticky load balancing; rather like jsessionid in the web or JMSXGroupID in JMS.
TopicLoadBalancer A LoadBalancer implementations which sends to all destinations (rather like JMS Topics).

Package org.apache.camel.processor.loadbalancer Description

Various load balancer processors

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