Class SamplingThrottler

  extended by
      extended by org.apache.camel.processor.DelegateAsyncProcessor
          extended by org.apache.camel.processor.SamplingThrottler
All Implemented Interfaces:
AsyncProcessor, DelegateProcessor, Navigate<Processor>, Processor, Service, ShutdownableService, StatefulService, SuspendableService

public class SamplingThrottler
extends DelegateAsyncProcessor

A SamplingThrottler is a special kind of throttler. It also limits the number of exchanges sent to a downstream endpoint. It differs from a normal throttler in that it will not queue exchanges above the threshold for a given period. Instead these exchanges will be stopped, precluding them from being processed at all by downstream consumers.

This kind of throttling can be useful for taking a sample from an exchange stream, rough consolidation of noisy and bursty exchange traffic or where queuing of throttled exchanges is undesirable.


Field Summary
protected  org.slf4j.Logger log
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Constructor Summary
SamplingThrottler(Processor processor, long messageFrequency)
SamplingThrottler(Processor processor, long samplePeriod, TimeUnit units)
Method Summary
 String getTraceLabel()
 boolean process(Exchange exchange, AsyncCallback callback)
          Processes the message exchange.
 String toString()
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Field Detail


protected final org.slf4j.Logger log
Constructor Detail


public SamplingThrottler(Processor processor,
                         long messageFrequency)


public SamplingThrottler(Processor processor,
                         long samplePeriod,
                         TimeUnit units)
Method Detail


public String toString()
toString in class DelegateAsyncProcessor


public String getTraceLabel()


public boolean process(Exchange exchange,
                       AsyncCallback callback)
Description copied from interface: AsyncProcessor
Processes the message exchange. Similar to Processor.process(org.apache.camel.Exchange), but the caller supports having the exchange asynchronously processed.

If there was a failure processing then the caused Exception would be set on the Exchange.

Specified by:
process in interface AsyncProcessor
process in class DelegateAsyncProcessor
exchange - the message exchange
callback - the AsyncCallback will be invoked when the processing of the exchange is completed. If the exchange is completed synchronously, then the callback is also invoked synchronously. The callback should therefore be careful of starting recursive loop.
(doneSync) true to continue execute synchronously, false to continue being executed asynchronously

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