Class SimpleBackwardsCompatibleParser

  extended by org.apache.camel.language.simple.SimpleBackwardsCompatibleParser

Deprecated. will be removed in Camel 3.0

public final class SimpleBackwardsCompatibleParser
extends Object

A backwards compatible parser, which supports the old simple language syntax by which simple functions can be given without using start and end tokens.

For example "body" would be parsed as the body function, where as the new parser would require that to be entered as "${body}".

This parser is to be removed when the old syntax is no longer supported.

Method Summary
static Expression parseExpression(String expression, boolean allowEscape)
static Predicate parsePredicate(String expression, boolean allowEscape)
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Method Detail


public static Expression parseExpression(String expression,
                                         boolean allowEscape)


public static Predicate parsePredicate(String expression,
                                       boolean allowEscape)

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