Package org.apache.camel.impl

Default implementation classes for Camel Core


Interface Summary

Class Summary
ActiveMQUuidGenerator UuidGenerator which is a fast implementation based on how AggregateRouteNode  
AnnotatedParameterConfiguration An implementation of ParameterConfiguration which comes from a field or setter method which has access to its underlying annotations to be able to expose additional validation and conversion metadata for the parameter via annotations
BreakpointSupport A support class for Breakpoint implementations to use as base class.
BridgeExceptionHandlerToErrorHandler An ExceptionHandler that uses the DefaultConsumer to process the caused exception to send the message into the Camel routing engine which allows to let the routing engine handle the exception.
CamelPostProcessorHelper A helper class for Camel based injector or post processing hooks which can be reused by both the Spring, Guice and Blueprint support.
ComponentConfigurationSupport Useful base class for implementations of ComponentConfiguration
CompositeRegistry This registry will look up the object with the sequence of the registry list until it finds the Object.
ConditionSupport A support class for Condition implementations to use as base class.
ConfigurationHelper Some helper methods for working with EndpointConfiguration instances
ConsumerCache Cache containing created Consumer.
DefaultAsyncProducer A default implementation of Producer for implementation inheritance, which can process Exchanges asynchronously.
DefaultCamelBeanPostProcessor A bean post processor which implements the Bean Integration features in Camel.
DefaultCamelContext Represents the context used to configure routes and the policies to use.
DefaultCamelContextNameStrategy A default name strategy which auto assigns a name using a prefix-counter pattern.
DefaultClassResolver Default class resolver that uses regular class loader to load classes.
DefaultComponent Default component to use for base for components implementations.
DefaultComponentConfiguration Default implementation for components which do not inherit from UriEndpointComponent and do not have Endpoint classes annotated with UriEndpoint
DefaultComponentResolver The default implementation of ComponentResolver which tries to find components by using the URI scheme prefix and searching for a file of the URI scheme name in the META-INF/services/org/apache/camel/component/ directory on the classpath.
DefaultConsumer A default consumer useful for implementation inheritance.
DefaultConsumerTemplate Template (named like Spring's TransactionTemplate & JmsTemplate et al) for working with Camel and consuming Message instances in an Exchange from an Endpoint.
DefaultDataFormatResolver Default data format resolver
DefaultDebugger The default implementation of the Debugger.
DefaultEndpoint A default endpoint useful for implementation inheritance.
DefaultEndpointConfiguration Default implementation of EndpointConfiguration.
DefaultExchange A default implementation of Exchange
DefaultExchangeHolder Holder object for sending an exchange over a remote wire as a serialized object.
DefaultExecutorServiceStrategy Deprecated. use ExecutorServiceManager instead, will be removed in a future Camel release
DefaultFactoryFinder Default factory finder.
DefaultFactoryFinderResolver Default factory finder.
DefaultHeaderFilterStrategy The default header filtering strategy.
DefaultInflightRepository Default implement which just uses a counter
DefaultInjector A default implementation of Injector which just uses reflection to instantiate new objects using their zero argument constructor, and then performing bean post processing using DefaultCamelBeanPostProcessor.
DefaultLanguageResolver Default language resolver that looks for language factories in META-INF/services/org/apache/camel/language/ and language resolvers in META-INF/services/org/apache/camel/language/resolver/.
DefaultManagementNameStrategy Default implementation of ManagementNameStrategy

This implementation will by default use a name pattern as #name# and in case of a clash, then the pattern will fallback to be using the counter as #name#-#counter#.

DefaultMessage The default implementation of Message

This implementation uses a CaseInsensitiveMap storing the headers.

DefaultNodeIdFactory Default id factory.
DefaultPackageScanClassResolver Default implement of PackageScanClassResolver
DefaultPollingConsumerPollStrategy A default implementation that will not retry on rollback.
DefaultPollingEndpoint A base class for an endpoint which the default consumer mode is to use a PollingConsumer
DefaultProducer A default implementation of Producer for implementation inheritance.
DefaultProducerServicePool A service pool for Producer.
DefaultProducerTemplate Template (named like Spring's TransactionTemplate & JmsTemplate et al) for working with Camel and sending Message instances in an Exchange to an Endpoint.
DefaultRoute Default implementation of Route.
DefaultRouteContext The context used to activate new routing rules
DefaultRouteNode A default implementation of the RouteNode
DefaultRouteStartupOrder Default implementation of RouteStartupOrder.
DefaultScheduledPollConsumer A default implementation of an event driven Consumer which uses the PollingConsumer
DefaultServicePool<Key,Service> Default implementation to inherit for a basic service pool.
DefaultShutdownStrategy Default ShutdownStrategy which uses graceful shutdown.
DefaultStreamCachingStrategy Default implementation of StreamCachingStrategy
DefaultSubUnitOfWork A default implementation of SubUnitOfWork combined with a SubUnitOfWorkCallback to gather callbacks into this SubUnitOfWork state
DefaultThreadPoolFactory Factory for thread pools that uses the JDK Executors for creating the thread pools.
DefaultUnitOfWork The default implementation of UnitOfWork
EndpointRegistry Endpoint registry which is a based on a LRUSoftCache.
EventDrivenConsumerRoute A DefaultRoute which starts with an Event Driven Consumer

Use the API from CamelContext to control the lifecycle of a route, such as starting and stopping using the CamelContext.startRoute(String) and CamelContext.stopRoute(String) methods.

EventDrivenPollingConsumer A default implementation of the PollingConsumer which uses the normal asynchronous consumer mechanism along with a BlockingQueue to allow the caller to pull messages on demand.
ExplicitCamelContextNameStrategy Strategy to used an explicit (fixed) name for CamelContext.
ExpressionAdapter Deprecated.  
ExpressionSupport Deprecated.  
InterceptSendToEndpoint This is an endpoint when sending to it, is intercepted and is routed in a detour
InterceptSendToMockEndpointStrategy A EndpointStrategy which is capable of mocking endpoints.
JavaUuidGenerator This implementation uses the UUID from Java.
JndiRegistry A Registry implementation which looks up the objects in JNDI
LimitedPollingConsumerPollStrategy A PollingConsumerPollStrategy which supports suspending consumers if they failed for X number of times in a row.
LoggingExceptionHandler A default implementation of ExceptionHandler which uses a CamelLogger to log the exception.
MainSupport Deprecated.  
MappedEndpointConfiguration Fallback implementation of EndpointConfiguration used by Components that did not yet define a configuration type.
MDCUnitOfWork This unit of work supports MDC.
MessageSupport A base class for implementation inheritance providing the core Message body handling features but letting the derived class deal with headers.
ParameterConfiguration Represents the configuration of a URI query parameter value to allow type conversion and better validation of the configuration of URIs and Endpoints
PollingConsumerSupport A useful base class for implementations of PollingConsumer
ProcessorEndpoint An endpoint which allows exchanges to be sent into it which just invokes a given Processor.
ProcessorPollingConsumer A simple implementation of PollingConsumer which just uses a Processor.
ProducerCache Cache containing created Producer.
PropertyPlaceholderDelegateRegistry A Registry which delegates to the real registry.
RoutePolicySupport A base class for developing custom RoutePolicy implementations.
RouteService Represents the runtime objects for a given RouteDefinition so that it can be stopped independently of other routes
ScheduledBatchPollingConsumer A useful base class for any consumer which is polling batch based
ScheduledPollConsumer A useful base class for any consumer which is polling based
ScheduledPollEndpoint A base class for Endpoint which creates a ScheduledPollConsumer
SerializationDataFormat The data format using Java Serialiation.
ServiceSupport Deprecated. use instead
SharedProducerServicePool A shared DefaultProducerServicePool which is used by CamelContext by default.
SimpleRegistry A Map-based registry.
SimpleUuidGenerator This implementation uses a counter which increments by one
StringDataFormat The text based data format supporting charset encoding.
SynchronizationAdapter Deprecated. use instead
SynchronousDelegateProducer To process the delegated producer in synchronous mode.
ThreadPoolProfileSupport Deprecated. use ThreadPoolProfile instead, will be removed in a future Camel release
ThrottlingInflightRoutePolicy A throttle based RoutePolicy which is capable of dynamic throttling a route based on number of current inflight exchanges.
UriComponentConfiguration Implements EndpointConfiguration for Endpoint implementations which are annotated with UriEndpoint to use the UriParam and UriParams annotations to denote its parameters which can be specified via URI query parameters.
UriEndpointComponent A component implementation for endpoints which are annotated with UriEndpoint to describe their configurable parameters via annotations
UriEndpointConfiguration Implements EndpointConfiguration for Endpoint implementations which are annotated with UriEndpoint to use the UriParam and UriParams annotations to denote its parameters which can be specified via URI query parameters.
WebSpherePackageScanClassResolver WebSphere specific resolver to handle loading annotated resources in JAR files.
ZipDataFormat "Deflate" compression data format.

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Package org.apache.camel.impl Description

Default implementation classes for Camel Core

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