Class DefaultAsyncProducer

  extended by
      extended by org.apache.camel.impl.DefaultProducer
          extended by org.apache.camel.impl.DefaultAsyncProducer
All Implemented Interfaces:
AsyncProcessor, IsSingleton, Processor, Producer, Service, ShutdownableService, StatefulService, SuspendableService
Direct Known Subclasses:
CollectionProducer, ControlBusProducer, DirectBlockingProducer, DirectProducer, DirectVmBlockingProducer, DirectVmProducer, LogProducer, SedaProducer

public abstract class DefaultAsyncProducer
extends DefaultProducer
implements AsyncProcessor

A default implementation of Producer for implementation inheritance, which can process Exchanges asynchronously.


Field Summary
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shutdown, shuttingdown, started, starting, stopped, stopping, suspended, suspending
Constructor Summary
DefaultAsyncProducer(Endpoint endpoint)
Method Summary
 void process(Exchange exchange)
          Processes the message exchange
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultAsyncProducer(Endpoint endpoint)
Method Detail


public void process(Exchange exchange)
             throws Exception
Description copied from interface: Processor
Processes the message exchange

Specified by:
process in interface Processor
exchange - the message exchange
Exception - if an internal processing error has occurred.

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