Package org.apache.camel.component.file

The File Component for working with file systems.


Interface Summary
GenericFileBinding<T> Binding between the generic file and the body content.
GenericFileExclusiveReadLockStrategy<T> Strategy for acquiring exclusive read locks for files to be consumed.
GenericFileFilter<T> A filter for GenericFile.
GenericFileProcessStrategy<T> Represents a pluggable strategy when processing files.

Class Summary
AntPathMatcherFileFilter File filter using AntPathMatcher.
AntPathMatcherGenericFileFilter<T> File filter using AntPathMatcher.
FileBinding File binding with the File type.
FileComponent File component.
FileConsumer File consumer.
FileEndpoint File endpoint.
FileOperations File operations for File.
GenericFile<T> Generic File.
GenericFileComponent<T> Base class file component.
GenericFileConsumer<T> Base class for file consumers.
GenericFileConverter A set of converter methods for working with generic file types
GenericFileDefaultBinding<T> Default binding for generic file.
GenericFileDefaultSorter Default file sorter.
GenericFileEndpoint<T> Base class for file endpoints
GenericFileMessage<T> Generic file message
GenericFileOnCompletion<T> On completion strategy that performs the required work after the Exchange has been processed.
GenericFileProducer<T> Generic file producer

Enum Summary
GenericFileExist Represent the kinds of options when writing a file and what to do in case of an existing file exists.

Exception Summary
GenericFileOperationFailedException Exception thrown in case of last file operation failed.

Package org.apache.camel.component.file Description

The File Component for working with file systems.

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