Package org.apache.camel.component.bean

The Bean Component which will look up the bean name in the Spring ApplicationContext and use that to dispatch messages to a POJO


Interface Summary
AnnotationExpressionFactory A factory which creates an Expression object from an annotation on a field, property or method parameter of a specified type.
BeanHolder Object holder for a bean.
BeanTypeHolder Object holder for a bean type.
MethodInvocation Information used by Camel to perform method invocation.
ParameterMappingStrategy A strategy for creating a default parameter expression for a given type

Class Summary
BeanComponent The Bean Component will look up the URI in the Registry and use that to handle message dispatching.
BeanConverter A set of converter methods for working with beans
BeanEndpoint Endpoint for the bean component.
BeanHelper Helper for the bean component.
BeanInfo Represents the metadata about a bean type created via a combination of introspection and annotations together with some useful sensible defaults
BeanInfoCacheKey A key used for caching BeanInfo by the BeanComponent
BeanInvocation Invocation of beans that can handle being serialized.
BeanProcessor A Processor which converts the inbound exchange to a method invocation on a POJO
CamelInvocationHandler An InvocationHandler which invokes a message exchange on a camel Endpoint
ClassComponent The Class Component will create an instance of the class from the Registry and use that to handle message dispatching.
ConstantBeanHolder A constant (singleton) bean implementation of BeanHolder
ConstantTypeBeanHolder A constant (singleton) bean implementation of BeanTypeHolder
DefaultAnnotationExpressionFactory Default implementation of the AnnotationExpressionFactory.
DefaultParameterMappingStrategy Represents the strategy used to figure out how to map a message exchange to a POJO method invocation
MethodBean Represents a Serializable version of a Method
MethodInfo Information about a method to be used for invocation.
MethodInfoCache Represents a cache of MethodInfo objects to avoid the expense of introspection for each invocation of a method via a proxy.
ParameterInfo Parameter information to be used for method invocation.
PojoMessageInvocationHandler Special InvocationHandler for methods that have only one parameter.
PojoProxyHelper Create a dynamic proxy for a given interface and endpoint that sends the parameter object to the endpoint and optionally receives a reply.
ProxyHelper A helper class for creating proxies which delegate to Camel
RegistryBean An implementation of a BeanHolder which will look up a bean from the registry and act as a cache of its metadata
XPathAnnotationExpressionFactory Factory for the XPath expression annotations.

Exception Summary
AmbiguousMethodCallException An exception thrown if an attempted method invocation resulted in an ambiguous method such that multiple methods match the inbound message exchange

Package org.apache.camel.component.bean Description

The Bean Component which will look up the bean name in the Spring ApplicationContext and use that to dispatch messages to a POJO

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