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Packages that use RuntimeCamelException
org.apache.camel The core Camel API. 
org.apache.camel.builder.xml Support for XPath based Expressions and Predicates as well as an XSLT processor 
org.apache.camel.component.bean The Bean Component which will look up the bean name in the Spring ApplicationContext and use that to dispatch messages to a POJO 
org.apache.camel.component.file The File Component for working with file systems. 
org.apache.camel.impl Default implementation classes for Camel Core 
org.apache.camel.language.bean Camel Bean language. 
org.apache.camel.language.simple.types Types for the Camel Simple language. 
org.apache.camel.processor.idempotent An implementation of the Idempotent Consumer pattern. 
org.apache.camel.processor.resequencer Helper classes for the Resequencer pattern. 
org.apache.camel.util Utility classes used by the core of Camel. 
org.apache.camel.util.jsse A collection of utility classes for configuring a JSSE SSLContext and other JSSE classes. 

Uses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel

Subclasses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel
 class CamelExecutionException
          Exception occurred during execution/processing of an Exchange.
 class ExpectedBodyTypeException
          Thrown if the body could not be converted to the required type
 class ExpressionEvaluationException
          An exception thrown if evaluation of the expression failed.
 class ExpressionIllegalSyntaxException
          An exception thrown if the expression contains illegal syntax.
 class FailedToCreateConsumerException
          Thrown if Camel failed to create a consumer for a given endpoint.
 class FailedToCreateProducerException
          Thrown if Camel failed to create a producer for a given endpoint.
 class InvalidPayloadRuntimeException
          Runtime version of the InvalidPayloadException.
 class InvalidPropertyException
          An exception caused when an invalid property name is used on an object
 class NoSuchBeanException
          A runtime exception if a given bean could not be found in the Registry
 class NoSuchEndpointException
          A runtime exception thrown if a routing processor such as a RecipientList is unable to resolve an Endpoint from a URI.
 class NoSuchLanguageException
          A runtime exception thrown if an attempt is made to resolve an unknown language definition.
 class ProxyInstantiationException
          Exception indicating a failure while trying to create a proxy of a given type and on a given endpoint
 class ResolveEndpointFailedException
          A runtime exception thrown if an Endpoint cannot be resolved via URI
 class RuntimeExchangeException
          A runtime exception caused by a specific message Exchange
 class RuntimeExpressionException
          Thrown if an expression evaluation fails
 class RuntimeTransformException
          Thrown if a message transformation fails
 class TypeConversionException
          Exception when failing during type conversion.

Methods in org.apache.camel that throw RuntimeCamelException
 Object ComponentConfiguration.getEndpointParameter(Endpoint endpoint, String name)
          Gets the named URI parameter value on the given endpoint
<T> T
EndpointConfiguration.getParameter(String name)
          Gets the value of a particular parameter.
 void ComponentConfiguration.setEndpointParameter(Endpoint endpoint, String name, Object value)
          Sets the named URI query parameter value on the given endpoint
<T> void
EndpointConfiguration.setParameter(String name, T value)
          Sets the value of a particular parameter.

Uses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.builder.xml

Subclasses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.builder.xml
 class InvalidXPathExpression
          An exception thrown if am XPath expression could not be parsed or evaluated

Uses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.component.bean

Subclasses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.component.bean
 class ParameterBindingException

Uses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.component.file

Subclasses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.component.file
 class GenericFileOperationFailedException
          Exception thrown in case of last file operation failed.

Uses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.impl

Methods in org.apache.camel.impl that throw RuntimeCamelException
 Object UriComponentConfiguration.getEndpointParameter(Endpoint endpoint, String name)
 Object DefaultComponentConfiguration.getEndpointParameter(Endpoint endpoint, String name)
<T> T
UriEndpointConfiguration.getParameter(String name)
<T> void
ConfigurationHelper.ParameterSetter.set(CamelContext camelContext, EndpointConfiguration config, String name, T value)
          Sets the parameter on the configuration.
 void UriComponentConfiguration.setEndpointParameter(Endpoint endpoint, String name, Object value)
 void DefaultComponentConfiguration.setEndpointParameter(Endpoint endpoint, String name, Object value)
<T> void
UriEndpointConfiguration.setParameter(String name, T value)

Uses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.language.bean

Subclasses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.language.bean
 class RuntimeBeanExpressionException
          Exception thrown if invocation of bean failed.

Uses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.language.simple.types

Subclasses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.language.simple.types
 class SimpleIllegalSyntaxException
          Syntax error in the simple language expression.
 class SimpleParserException
          Holds information about error parsing the simple expression at a given location in the input.

Uses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.processor.idempotent

Subclasses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.processor.idempotent
 class NoMessageIdException
          An exception thrown if no message ID could be found on a message which is to be used with the Idempotent Consumer pattern.

Uses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.processor.resequencer

Subclasses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.processor.resequencer
 class MessageRejectedException
          An exception thrown if message is rejected by the resequencer

Uses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.util

Methods in org.apache.camel.util that return RuntimeCamelException
static RuntimeCamelException ObjectHelper.wrapRuntimeCamelException(Throwable e)
          Wraps the caused exception in a RuntimeCamelException if its not already such an exception.

Uses of RuntimeCamelException in org.apache.camel.util.jsse

Methods in org.apache.camel.util.jsse that throw RuntimeCamelException
protected  String JsseParameters.parsePropertyValue(String value)
          Parses the value using the Camel Property Placeholder capabilities if a context is provided.
protected  List<String> JsseParameters.parsePropertyValues(List<String> values)
          Parses the values using the Camel Property Placeholder capabilities if a context is provided.

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