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Packages that use PollingConsumer
org.apache.camel The core Camel API. 
org.apache.camel.component.seda The SEDA Component for asynchronous SEDA exchanges on a BlockingQueue within a single CamelContext 
org.apache.camel.impl Default implementation classes for Camel Core 
org.apache.camel.processor A collection of Processor implementations which are used to implement the Enterprise Integration Patterns 

Uses of PollingConsumer in org.apache.camel

Methods in org.apache.camel that return PollingConsumer
 PollingConsumer Endpoint.createPollingConsumer()
          Creates a new Polling Consumer so that the caller can poll message exchanges from the consumer using receive(), receiveNoWait() or receive(long) whenever it is ready to do so rather than using the Event Based Consumer returned by Endpoint.createConsumer(Processor)

Uses of PollingConsumer in org.apache.camel.component.seda

Classes in org.apache.camel.component.seda that implement PollingConsumer
 class SedaPollingConsumer

Methods in org.apache.camel.component.seda that return PollingConsumer
 PollingConsumer SedaEndpoint.createPollingConsumer()

Uses of PollingConsumer in org.apache.camel.impl

Classes in org.apache.camel.impl that implement PollingConsumer
 class EventDrivenPollingConsumer
          A default implementation of the PollingConsumer which uses the normal asynchronous consumer mechanism along with a BlockingQueue to allow the caller to pull messages on demand.
 class PollingConsumerSupport
          A useful base class for implementations of PollingConsumer
 class ProcessorPollingConsumer
          A simple implementation of PollingConsumer which just uses a Processor.

Methods in org.apache.camel.impl that return PollingConsumer
protected  PollingConsumer CamelPostProcessorHelper.createInjectionPollingConsumer(Endpoint endpoint, Object bean, String beanName)
          Factory method to create a started PollingConsumer to be injected into a POJO
 PollingConsumer DefaultEndpoint.createPollingConsumer()
 PollingConsumer ProcessorEndpoint.createPollingConsumer()
 PollingConsumer InterceptSendToEndpoint.createPollingConsumer()
 PollingConsumer ConsumerCache.getConsumer(Endpoint endpoint)

Methods in org.apache.camel.impl that return types with arguments of type PollingConsumer
protected static LRUCache<String,PollingConsumer> ConsumerCache.createLRUCache(int cacheSize)
          Creates the LRUCache to be used.

Methods in org.apache.camel.impl with parameters of type PollingConsumer
protected  void DefaultEndpoint.configurePollingConsumer(PollingConsumer consumer)
protected  void ScheduledPollEndpoint.configurePollingConsumer(PollingConsumer consumer)

Constructor parameters in org.apache.camel.impl with type arguments of type PollingConsumer
ConsumerCache(Object source, CamelContext camelContext, Map<String,PollingConsumer> cache)

Uses of PollingConsumer in org.apache.camel.processor

Constructors in org.apache.camel.processor with parameters of type PollingConsumer
PollEnricher(AggregationStrategy aggregationStrategy, PollingConsumer consumer, long timeout)
          Creates a new PollEnricher.
PollEnricher(PollingConsumer consumer)
          Creates a new PollEnricher.

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