Package org.apache.camel.builder.xml

Support for XPath based Expressions and Predicates as well as an XSLT processor


Interface Summary
ResultHandler A strategy for handling XSLT results
ResultHandlerFactory Factory for ResultHandler

Class Summary
DefaultNamespaceContext An implementation of NamespaceContext which uses a simple Map where the keys are the prefixes and the values are the URIs
DefaultTransformErrorHandler ErrorHandler and ErrorListener which will log warnings, and throws error and fatal as exception, which ensures those can be caught by Camel and dealt-with.
DomResultHandler Uses DOM to handle results of the transformation
DomResultHandlerFactory Factory for DomResultHandler
FileResultHandler Use file to handle the result of XSLT transformation.
FileResultHandlerFactory Factory for StreamResult which is streamed to file.
MessageVariableResolver A variable resolver for XPath expressions which support properties on the message, exchange as well as making system properties and environment properties available.
Namespaces A helper class for working with namespaces or creating namespace based expressions
StreamResultHandler Processes the XSLT result as a byte[]
StreamResultHandlerFactory Factory for StreamResultHandler
StringResultHandler Processes the XSLT result as a String
StringResultHandlerFactory Factory for StringResultHandler
TimeUnitAdapter TimeUnitAdapter is a simple adapter to convert between Strings and instances of the TimeUnit enumeration
XPathBuilder Creates an XPath expression builder which creates a nodeset result by default.
XsltBuilder Creates a Processor which performs an XSLT transformation of the IN message body.
XsltErrorListener ErrorListener which logs the errors.
XsltUriResolver Camel specific URIResolver which is capable of loading files from the classpath and file system.

Exception Summary
InvalidXPathExpression An exception thrown if am XPath expression could not be parsed or evaluated

Package org.apache.camel.builder.xml Description

Support for XPath based Expressions and Predicates as well as an XSLT processor

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