Package org.apache.camel.builder

The Camel Domain Specific Language for creating Routes, Predicates, Expressions and Error Handlers.


Interface Summary
AdviceWithTask Task or command being executed when using the advice with feature.
ErrorHandlerBuilder A builder of a Error Handler

Class Summary
AdviceWithBuilder<T extends ProcessorDefinition<?>> A builder when using the advice with feature.
AdviceWithRouteBuilder A RouteBuilder which has extended capabilities when using the advice with feature.
AdviceWithTasks AdviceWithTask tasks which are used by the AdviceWithRouteBuilder.
BinaryPredicateSupport A useful base class for Predicate implementations
Builder A helper class for including portions of the expression and predicate Java DSL
BuilderSupport Base class for implementation inheritance for different clauses in the Java DSL
DataFormatClause<T extends ProcessorDefinition<?>> An expression for constructing the different possible DataFormat options.
DeadLetterChannelBuilder A builder of a Dead Letter Channel
DefaultErrorHandlerBuilder The default error handler builder.
ErrorHandlerBuilderRef Represents a proxy to an error handler builder which is resolved by named reference
ErrorHandlerBuilderSupport Base class for builders of error handling.
ExpressionBuilder A helper class for working with expressions.
ExpressionClause<T> Represents an expression clause within the DSL which when the expression is complete the clause continues to another part of the DSL
ExpressionClauseSupport<T> A support class for building expression clauses.
LoggingErrorHandlerBuilder Uses the Logger as an error handler, will log at ERROR level by default.
NoErrorHandlerBuilder A builder to disable the use of an error handler so that any exceptions are thrown.
NotifyBuilder A builder to build an expression based on EventNotifier notifications about Exchange being routed.
PredicateBuilder A helper class for working with predicates
ProcessorBuilder A builder of a number of different Processor implementations
ProxyBuilder A build to create Camel proxies.
RouteBuilder A Java DSL which is used to build DefaultRoute instances in a CamelContext for smart routing.
SimpleBuilder Creates an Simple language builder.
ThreadPoolBuilder A builder to create thread pools.
ValueBuilder A builder of expressions or predicates based on values.

Enum Summary
DataFormatClause.Operation DataFormat operations.

Package org.apache.camel.builder Description

The Camel Domain Specific Language for creating Routes, Predicates, Expressions and Error Handlers. The entry point to the builder suite is the RouteBuilder class.

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