Interface Traceable

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AggregateProcessor, AOPProcessor, CatchProcessor, ChoiceProcessor, Delayer, DynamicRouter, EvaluateExpressionProcessor, FailOverLoadBalancer, FilterProcessor, FinallyProcessor, LogProcessor, LoopProcessor, MarshalProcessor, MulticastProcessor, OnCompletionProcessor, Pipeline, PredicateValidatingProcessor, RecipientListProcessor, Resequencer, RollbackProcessor, RoutingSlip, SendProcessor, SetBodyProcessor, Splitter, StreamResequencer, Throttler, ThrowExceptionProcessor, TransformProcessor, TryProcessor, UnmarshalProcessor, WireTapProcessor

public interface Traceable

Traceable processors allowing easier tracing using constructed labels to help identify the processor and where it's defined in the route model.


Method Summary
 String getTraceLabel()
          Gets the trace label used for logging when tracing is enabled.

Method Detail


String getTraceLabel()
Gets the trace label used for logging when tracing is enabled.

The label should be short and precise.

the label

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